Farewell Seth!

This weekend we bid a farewell to our friend and Scenery member, Seth. On mid-day Saturday, he took a U-Haul and drove seven hundred miles to Berkeley, California to live out his dream of designing jewelry under his own brand with the two people he loves the most.

I was always in awe of how effortless Seth makes things look, be it music, jewelry, painting or drinking a giant raspberry flavored beer. He is always encouraging, eternally positive and generous nearly to a fault.

I’m glad we live in the future and seven hundred miles isn’t what it used to be. I even hope we can all still collaborate on music no matter where our lives lead us.

What does this mean for Scenery? I don’t know, and frankly, who cares. Scenery was never really a band, a music group or an art project. Honestly, it is just an excuse for a group of friends to work together on something they love doing. The four of us will be making music in some shape or form for the rest of our lives. I’m thrilled to think about what the future holds.


PS: Check out Seth’s amazing jewelry at:

My Grimey Dreams Video featured on Echo Cloud

Echo Cloud is a very cool blog, website and community for the Arizona music scene. They have featured the video that Brent Henderson made for our song, My Grimey Dreams. Very cool! Check them out.


—Boat of Family Bones (Demo)

I came across this old Scenery demo while going through old songs for a project we’re working on. Aron and I made it in 2010. Its never going anywhere so I figured I’d share. Lyrics below:

Scenery - Boat of Family Bones (demo)

I called towards the hills and the mountains
Asked them which way I should go
They responded by showing a roadway
Going west off to San Antone

I reached the great white river
Looked around to find tall bones
They were the remains of my family
I tied them up to make a boat

Whoa, whoa, don’t let me
Whoa, whoa, leave me
Grab my coat, walk me out the door, embrace me
Send me on my way, forget my name, you won’t find me
On my boat of family bones

I reached the shore of Naches
Saw a tree tucking in the dead
I was jealous for her attention
So I slept underneath it

Hitched a rag-top ride to Houston
With a sad little man named Webb
He drank whiskey for mile after mile
Said it helped when the cancer got bad

No mom to call me home
No dad that I can phone

It was a crisp January morning. San Antonio’s streets were bare. I walked up to the walls of the Alamo, blew my trumpet, the walls turned to air. It was mere minutes i was arrested. I was infamous by that night. The cameras and microphones caught me saying, “Hi mom, i hope you’re all right.”


Scenery’s 2013 album Humdrum available for streaming and download:

RPM Challenge Listening party during Nerd Nite at Filmbar

Thank you to Serene Dominic for organizing the (sometimes) annual RPM Challenge Listening Party this year. It was part of Nerd Nite and took place at Filmbar here in Phoenix.

Scenery didn’t finish RPM this year. The release of Humdrum ( got in the way. Serene was nice enough to play one of the songs from Humdrum, though. 

It was great mingling with other RPM contestants. As one of them put it to us after the show, “I hated it, but I will definitely do it again.” That just about sums up RPM: a giant pain with sometimes awesome results.

We will make sure not to miss two years in a row. Here we come 2014!

Humdrum in all the Fancy Digital Stores

I just noticed that Scenery’s latest album, Humdrum is out on Spotify, iTunes and a few others. We were told it would take 6 weeks but it happened sooner. It should be in over 200 online, digital stores within the next 4 or 5 weeks.

Why did we do this when you can just download it for free from: ? Mainly, because so many people use streaming services such as Spotify exclusively for their music nowadays. 

If our goal is to get our music out to the largest audience, we really need to be on these sites. iTunes as well. There is a large swath of people who only buy their music from iTunes. Also, it allows seamless integration with iTunes Match.

If you buy from one of these stores, we won’t blame you. Just realize that you can always get our music for free.

Below are the Spotify and iTunes links. You can rate our songs or something if you really love us:

Spotify: Scenery – Humdrum


Thank you for the support!


Michelle Blades

—I Want You (To Think About It)


here’s something new titled “I Want You (To Think About It). 

somethin’ to ~chill to~

~so if you’re feelin chill~

Chilled but not frozen. Something from our good friend Michelle Blades

Brent Henderson has directed a video for My Grimey Dreams ft Michelle Blades, a song off of our new album, Humdrum. 

Download the album at